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Hello My Friends!

A fun mix of blue and white collars, young and old hang out here. Strong drinks, plenty of beer, and possibly the best bar food in town (try the Donni’s Blackened Wings), which is served lunches and late.

-Charlotte Magazine

Best fish tacos in Charlotte. It blows away Cabot fish taco. So make sure to check the specials or call in and see if it's on the menu. Make sure you ask for G Man........he's a trip.

-B Vac (Urbanspoon)


Spicy honey wings? Yes, please.

Chicken tenders that are the size of my hands? Yes, please.

Nachos big enough to share with the table next to you? Yes, please.

Popcorn shrimp basket on Fridays during Lent? Yes, please.

Moosehead for lunch or dinner? Hell yes...please.

-Quynh P. (Yelp)

This place is simply amazing. You need to look past the facility itself and see that the Wings (specifically the Donnies Blackened and Bee Sting) are simply the best in Charlotte. While the rest of the "bar" menu is good, the nightly specials menu is simply amazing. You will be SHOCKED with the quality of food that comes out of the small kitchen. The night cook, known as "G-Man", is a very outgoing and talented chef that takes pride in his specials. DO NOT come here thinking it's an "upscale" restaurant and you will be blown away. If you prefer your food to be served in a fancy setting, you should drop those expectations and prepare to enjoy yourself.

-Anonymous Google Restaurant Reviewer

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